The allure of conquering climbs, traversing mountains and exploring nature by bike is undeniable. But the physical challenge of traditional mountain biking can be a barrier for many. E-bikes allow you to ride up bigger hills, go for longer rides, and get more out of your rides without breaking yourself. Which basically means it’s more fun and you’ll get out on your bike more often!

This is why e-bikes, have taken  the world by storm over the past 5 years. They have revolutionized the way we approach mountain biking, offering a seamless blend of pedal power and electric assistance. Whether you’re an expert rider looking to get more laps of the downhill park, or a more leisurely cycling enthusiast who loves exploring  your local cafés, investing in an e-bike opens up a new world of possibilities. They are a fantastic way to experience the joy of cycling with a little extra boost! At Escape by Cycle tours we see it all the time: our guests hop on an e-bike for the first time and within 5 minutes they are hooked! Sailing up challenging climbs with a huge smile, cruising through the landscapes with ease. Our tours are all about fun and enjoyment. Gone are the days of the long hard slog. 

Ready to BUY an e-bikes for yourself?

Choosing the right e-mountain bike can feel overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some key things to consider if you’re embarking on a journey to buy an electric mountain bike for the first time. For the record, we are only addressing electric mountain bikes here – not city, commuter, hybrid, gravel or folding bikes. 

The first and most important step is to figure out what kind of e-bike you want. And that comes down to asking what do you want to use it for? Are you looking for a comfortable cruiser for exploring around town? Or do you want a more powerful machine with a wide range of gears to take you up bigger, steeper hills and conquer some technical single track? 

There’s a wide range of mountain bikes, so understanding your riding style will help narrow down your options and steer you towards an e-bike designed to excel in your preferred terrain. We can divide mountain bikes across two spectrums:

  1. Performance vs. Comfort 
  2. Cross-country vs. Downhill 
Performance bikes tend to have a more sporty/aggressive riding position with wider, flatter handlebars. They are great fun to ride and can handle technical terrain well. But if you’re going for more comfort, then you’re probably looking for a more upright riding position with swept-back handlebars, comfort grips and possibly a step-through frame. This position tends to put less pressure on the wrists, neck and shoulders. Cross-country is the most common style of mountain bike. They are all about speed and agility through undulating terrain. They tend to be lighter weight with front suspension (“hardtails”) but can still handle a bit of rough stuff.  Downhill riders are a special breed. They need a heavier, sturdier rig with full suspension (big travel) and chunky tyres to soak up the bumps and keep stable on rough terrain even at high speeds. Dual or full suspension bikes are great and very comfortable but they can add a lot of weight (as well as price) and can lose a bit of pedal energy to “bounce”. 



Once you know which type of bike you’re after, you’ll soon be presented with long lists of “specs” (or specifications). There’s a huge range of components and a lot of new technology being rolled out every season. How high tech you want to go will determine how much money you’ll spend! Here’s a quick guide to some things you might see on modern electric mountain bikes: 

  • E-bike Components: The 3 main electrical components are the motor, the battery and the screen, display or computer. Shimano and Bosch are currently the 2 most common manufacturers, which are used on the majority of bikes brands. 
    • Motor: Power output (in watts, W) and torque (Nm) determine how much assistance you get. More power gives you more bang for your buck, but also drains your battery faster. All e-bikes provide pedal assistance – which means you must pedal to get assistance. However, some models are now coming out with a “throttle” – which provides power without pedalling and is more like an electric motorbike. 
    • Battery: Battery capacity measured in watt hours (Wh) is the size of your fuel tank. Batteries used to be 504Wh, but larger options (630 and even 750Wh) are now available to counter “range anxiety”. Bigger capacity also means more weight. Batteries are either external (mounted on the frame) or internal (hidden within the frame).
    • Display/Computer: Most display provide a lot of data (speed, cadence, odometer etc) and allow for multiple power levels or modes of assistance – typically 3-5 levels or modes. Some offer constant power, while others provide variable assistance (more effort = more assist). Some advanced displays allow you to tailor the power output levels to suit your riding style. y ride data. In New Zealand, e-bike assistance generally caps out at 32 km/h.
    • Range: This is how many kilometres your ebike can ride before it runs out of battery. Estimating range is tricky. It depends on bike specs, assist mode, terrain, rider weight, tire pressure, and wind resistance. Range can vary from 20km to a whopping 200km!
  • Gears: Most bikes have 1 chain ring on the front and a range of 9-11 speed cassettes on the rear. Higher performance bikes have more gears to provide a wider range for climbing steeper hills and reaching higher speeds.  
  • Suspension: Rear shocks and front forks come in either “air” or “coil” versions. Air coils tend to be lighter, more expensive and require less servicing. But it does depend on the quality of the component
  • Brakes: All mountain bikes use hydraulic disc brakes now. V-brakes are a thing of the past.  
  • Comfort: Consider your riding style when choosing features like seat type, handlebar shape, grips, and suspension. The right combination ensures a comfortable ride.

our bikes

At Escape by Cycle, we outfit our tours with top-notch Merida and Sinch e-bikes. We love these bikes because they are perfectly suited to the trails we ride on our tours. Certain parts of the Alps 2 Ocean and other trails we ride can be quite rough and bumpy in a few places, but most of the Alps 2 Ocean and other tours are relatively smooth and easy. That’s why we use high-quality front suspension, knobby mountain bike tyres to get over the big hills, and reliable Shimano electrics – perfect for conquering hills and cruising through 60-70km daily rides.

The majority of our fleet have the traditional top tube, providing maximum strength to the frame, with a more “sporty” riding position, which tends to be more agile and confident on more technical terrain. These are preferred by people wanting a performance bike, that’s still comfortable and super fun to ride. Howver if you are looking for comfort, last season we added a number of “low-step” ebikes to our fleet with easy mounting, upright riding positions, and swept-back handlebars that put less pressure on the wrist

All our e-bikes have ample power for hills, long-lasting batteries for 40-70km rides, and a design for everyone: comfort and ease, or performance and fun. And to ensure your adventure is worry-free, we meticulously service every bike after each tour. We even include two extra bikes on the trailers, just in case!


Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, the real fun begins: test rides! Experiencing different e-bikes firsthand is crucial. You’ll feel the variations in handling, power delivery, and comfort, allowing you to pinpoint your perfect match. Don’t be shy – try as many bikes as possible. The more you test, the more confident you’ll be in selecting the e-bike that ignites your passion for the ride.


Finding the perfect e-bike can be an exciting journey. But an for some of you the search can stop here! We’re currently selling our fantastic, well-maintained e-bikes from our previous fleet. These quality bikes are perfect for new riders or those seeking a great value.

Don’t miss this chance to experience the freedom and joy of e-cycling at an unbeatable price. These bikes are ready to hit the trails with you – or you can bring your own on your next Escape by Cycle tour!

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