Going On A Cycling Adventure At 50 – Is That Possible?

Alps to Ocean cycle tour

Yes. It is possible! Even at 50, biking is a terrific way to keep in shape, have fun, and see the great outdoors. Anyone may benefit from cycling at any age if they are persistent, patient, and enthusiastic. Age is just a number It’s never too late to start an adventure like Cycling. It can […]

Escape by Cycle Vol 3: Thunderbirds, We Are Go!

blog post vol 3 thunderbirds we are go

Only 3 months to go!!! The season is just around the corner and we are pumped! It’s shaping up to be a big one… Planning for a cycle tour season feels a bit like getting ready to go to war. We plan where every bike, vehicle, trailer, tour guide and customer is going to be at any […]

Escape By Cycle Vol 2: Escape From Lockdown

blog post vol 2 escape from lockdown

summer is coming 3 months ago we were flat out with back-to-back cycle tours going out every week. Then right at the busiest time of the season everything came to a crashing halt and the world went into lockdown. I cancelled all tours, deferred all bookings to next season and locked away all bikes, vans and trailers […]

Escape By Cycle Vol 1: Launch

escape-by-cycle blog post vol 1 launch and vol 2 thunderbirds we are go

Greetings from kingston! I hope you are all doing well and happy in your bubbles!  I’ve been keeping myself busy lately, holed up in isolation, here in Kingston for the past 6 weeks. Vernon managed to catch the last flight out of NZ before everything went pear-shaped and he’s now back with his wife and […]