The Countdown Begins! Pick your great ride

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Hey Team

Time has flown by so quickly! Just 8 weeks left until the end of this season, and let me tell you, we’re packing these weeks to the brim with cycling adventures. If you want to join us, we still have some spots left on the Alps 2 Ocean for the 14th of March and 11th of April. And 2 spots left on the West Coast Wilderness tour starting on the 25th of March 2024.

What have we been up to?

We’ve been working to make our West Coast Wilderness tour even more spectacular, exploring new routes and discovering novel dining spots. We are constantly on the lookout for experiences and ways to improve and upgrade our tours. So, anticipate some exciting changes and additions in the upcoming seasons, including our latest find—a great new restaurant in Hokitika.

West Coast Wilderness

Speaking of new experiences, we’ve been experimenting with accordion picnic seats! Some have complained our old seats are so comfortable they can´t get out of them again so we´ve tried some new ones which are higher and easier to get out of – they´ve been given the thumbs up! Stay tuned for more picnic perfection in the most stunning places you can imagine.

And can we just take a moment to appreciate the love for our EBC socks? It warms our cockles to see our guests bringing them on tour as cherished souvenirs. They’re now considered collector’s items. This season we’ve been giving away hats and coffee cups. Get your hands on one before it’s too late and our coffee cups become more valuable than Bitcoin. 

Alps to Ocean

Other news

Around the Mountains & Queenstown Trail: We’ve been contemplating how to share the wonders of Fiordland with our guests on the Around the Mountains tour. Therefore, we’ve introduced some variety by including a trip to the cinema! You can enjoy some of the most spectacular aerial footage of Fiordland with a screening of Ata Whenua before dinner at a fabulous restaurant in Te Anau. When combined with a scenic boat cruise on Lake Manapouri and the incredible cycling on the Lake2Lake trail, it offers a unique appreciation of New Zealand’s largest untouched wilderness.

 We continue to receive great feedback that our combination of the best sections of the Around the Mountains, Lake 2 Lake, Queenstown Trail, and our super-secret ride provides six days of incredible riding, rivalling any experience in New Zealand.

E-bike Retrofits: All our e-bikes now boast high quality suspension seat posts and comfort handlebar grips for a more enjoyable and smoother ride. Your comfort is our first priority!  We can also offer great-quality traditional push bikes, for those of you who prefer a more traditional way of riding.

A Round of applause to our incredible team that makes all this possible

Clutha River

We are delighted to have Gary, Rachel, Henry, and Brett back for another season of tour guiding with EBC. We even managed to get Richard back in the sunflower shirt for a cameo appearance on the Clutha Canyons. We also want to extend a warm welcome to our fabulous new tour guides joining the team this season: David, Shaun, and Leyton (starting next week!).

Meanwhile, back at base, Kate, Jada, Rowan, and Roz are fully dedicated to preparing, booking, and ensuring our tours are ready for action! Amy has also re-joined the team, boosting our resources to navigate through the busiest time of the year. 

Let’s extend a massive thank you to the team for all their work. 

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of you for making all this possible. 

Whether you’ve joined us for several tours or you´re placing your confidence in EBC for the very first time, we’re incredibly grateful for your support and trust. And if you haven’t yet experienced the pleasure of an Escape by Cycle tour, what are you waiting for? Call your friends, pack your gear, and let us take care of the rest.

If you haven´t already done so, we´d be extremely grateful if you could write a short review for us on Google, Facebook or Trip Advisor. We won a People´s Choice award last season from Trip Advisor because we had such great reviews! So, any thoughts you can share about your tour, are always greatly appreciated! 

And please share any epic tour photos on social media using #escapebycycle. We can’t wait to see your best moments!

All the best,

Ian & the Escape by Cycle Team